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marble demo

Marble gallery

Furnace Demo


Furnace cooking at the Moon Marble

Taking the first gather

Working in the murphy firebucket

adding kugler powder for base color


adding clear

gathering final gather

reheating in mini glory hole

shaping marble

cooling marble

marble knocked off and finish firepolish

The first marble sideview


It was a lot of fun setting up at the Moon Marble in Bonner Springs, KS. 

Another crazy Marble Crazy year.

2600IFB laid out

wire lead brick for 4 13.2 ohm elements

jig set for 15 degree cuts

furnace chamber befor mortar

3000 deg. insulating castable

chamber  set on 2" mizzou 3000 castable

back view

firing chamber with drain for cracked crucibles

1 1/2" fiberboard /sheetmetal/2600IFB mortared

ready to stuff with fiberfrax blanket and back with mineral wool

gathering port.  3000 castable

1/2" slate drilled for elements

stuffed to rim

door getting cast 3000 castable

frame for top

3000castable with door opening

1" fiber over frame for gasket

sheet metal constructed for top

top of furnace

front view of furnace and general shop mess.

Signature initials

finished furnace03/03/03

03/03/03 back view

03/03/03 top view

03/03/03 opened