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     Ring Marbles

marble demo

Marble gallery

Furnace Demo

These are a few of my favorite things.

Ebay listings for Brucemarble

My Ebay Listings

Marble Makers Guild

Several makers retail marble site.  Good marbles where makers get fair share.

Moon Marble

Bruce Breslow's shop

Mike Edmondson

Old time Marble maker with lots of links

The National Marble Museum

Contemporary works and history

Block's Site

Collectors and auctioneers of contemporary and antique marbles. Authors

Bo Stiff's

Marble colle3ctor and sales

Global Connections

Travel,books, and crafts

Frantz art Glass

Glass lampworker supplies


glass supplier


glass supplier

Bert Cohen's

Bert Cohen marble enthusiast

Marble Makers Forum

Marblemakers talk about stuff

Alans marble Board

Marble discussion forum

Tobler Glass

kiln controller project

Marble Crazy at the Moon

Marble crazy pictures and how to build a furnace.

New 15# furnace

Building the new furnace.

Color Wheel Pro

A program that allows you to create color schemes and preview them on real examples.