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Kanthal A1 ready to wind

winding  5 ohm elements

cut firebricks on table saw

3/8 drill bit to finish grooves for elements

terminal block for elements to feed through

drilled 1" hole for 3/4" pipe for legs

sairset for cementing firebrick

pipestrap to hold bricks while cementing

I use hose clamp and poprivet to use for strap clamp

furnace chamber cemented and banded

heat retention ring for top of furnace and gathering port

cut to fit opening exactly with 1"  drop down

cut to fit chamber profile

steel jig to make all brick the same depth for heat retention

frame welded together

20 gauge sheet metal for holding insulation in

chamber set on 4" of 2600 fiberblanket set on 6 2600 insulating firebrick

stuffing furnace with 2600 fiber insulation

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I've lost some pictures on my computer somewhere.  I'll post more as soon as I can find them.