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I'd like to annodate these pictures by saying Mark Matthews is perhaps one of  the most meticulous marble artists of our time.  Painstaking attention to color, size and proportion in relation not only to components, but to each element.  If one has studied color, they well  find that color balance is also a volumetric association.  A piece achieves perfection through these choices and it takes serious study to achieve the balance Mark so easily demonstrates.                        While I choose to show this to a viewing audience because it demonstrates a true artist at work I ask that you the viewer support me in this effort to whatever extent you might feel comfortable.  The class set me back roughly $2500.00.  Money well spent.  If you feel so inclined I can use any help I can get whether it be word of mouth or buying marbles.  All of us in the marble making field are artists to one extent or another.  We welcome any support you have to offer.  Keep it round.  Bruce Troeh