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Interchangeable Artglass Spheres

Bruce Troeh's Signature Sphere's

                                                         $45.00 each   

Featuring the most accurate handmade jewelry marble in the country Marbles are available for custom orders    10mm, and 12mm

Stars And Stripes

Star Clusters-White

Star Clusters-Pink

Starry Night-White

Starry Night-Pink

Shooting Stars

White Hearts

3 Heart Valentine

Paw Prints

Lady Bug

Polka Dots

Pinka Purple Dots

Dotted Ivories

Cow Print


Sky Blue Sunspots

Purple Sunspots

White Tiger

Tiger (Original)

Orange Tiger

Rainbow Wrappers

Rainbow Ribbon

Banded Rainbow Ribbon

Patriotic Hearts

Red White and Blue Stackers

Red white and blue Corkscrews


Blue Dichroic Ribbon

Red Dichroic Ribbon

Lavender Dichroic Ribbon


Lobed Gooseberries

Lobed Purple Goodberries

Lobed Pink Goodberries

Blue Galaxy

Blue on BlueBerry

Lobed White Goodberry

Silver Strike

Lilac Banded Galxy

Great Southwest


Magenta/Blue Cleary

Rainbow Cleary

24K Cleary

China Gold

Baby's Blanket

Yellow Filigrano


Pinstriped Pink

Pebbled Beach

Red Tiger

Lime Green Filigrano

Orange Filigrano

Dark Blue Filigrano