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Furnace Demo

The color canes are pulled by casing clear strecthing and finall cutting to length.Marble classes were taught at the Pittsburg Glass center in Aug. of 2002 By Mark Matthews.

Color is cased with clear and marvered into shape

Second punti is ready to attach

Glass is stectched to desired thickness

This strecthed to 40 feet

Second color a little thicker cane

cane is cut to length

core is being forme

marver into cylinder

make adjustments

making it right

final touches

gather clear and shape into cylinder

pick up color canes

pick up second side

reheat into cylinder

shape and form

adding the twists

shaping cylinder

heating cold spot on punti rod

shape and cut marble

cutoff marble and melt punti mark

finish marble off

New ribbon core cane color rod is flattened into ribbon

clear is added and rolled into cylinder

cool end

grab with diamond shears and strech

punti is twisted while second man stretches

The cane was made by Mark Matthews at the Pittsburg Glass Center in PA. for each of us to cut our own marble off of.  Mine is pictured to the left..

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The ribbon cane is gently grabbed and pulled while twisting