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I call these marbles "Wizard's Eyes.  I first started making these in 1995.  That lacy look I shoot for is inspired by Picture Jasper if you happen to like lapidary.  This turqouise colored one measures 1.15"                  

$45.00            Signed Troeh 05/03             -----------------------------------------------------------

This is a newer Wizard's Eye.  I put some sparkle in the eye which is green adventurine for the iris.  Doesn't show up as well as I'd like here. 1.135"

$45.00             Signed Troeh 2005          


This is another Green Adventurine Pupil.  It measures 1.5".  I rarely make these larger ones because they take so long to make.

$90.00                            Signed  Troeh 2005


This one is Titled "Cameo Santa".  Always have to make my Santa Clause Marbles around christmas.  This one has Gold Adventurine star murrini and a christmas tree murrini.  I added candy cane and christmas stocking.  The Kicker is the 3-24karat gold ropes to balance this piece.        1.53" SOLD

$175.00             Signed     Troeh "Cameo Santa" 2004


This "Cameo Santa" has a green adventurine Christmas tree with a gold adventurine star murrini atop it.  Dichroic glass packages some wrapped in gold adventurine ribbons and 3 candy canes.   1.7"

$150.00       Signed  Bruce Troeh  "Cameo Santa"  2004


A new look for my "Fire Devil"  marble.  Orange and purple flames.       1.445" marble                       Flame marble in National Marble Museum

$110.00             Signed   Troeh 2005


"Bruce in Moon" sulphide marble. Once in a Blue Moon!  This isn't plaster or ceramic.  It is a true sulphide!  Took me a lot of years to find this recipe, and several days experimenting. One of those closely guarded secrets you just can't find without extreme perseverence.  I made a Moon face to look like my friend Bruce Breslow at the Moon Marble in Bonner Springs, KS.  1.61" marble

$100.00           Signed "Bruce in Moon"     Troeh 2005


This is another Monarch on Pink Butterfly Bush I'm offering. Each one is made the same way but no two are the same.  4 Butterfly cane style Murrinis make up the  Butterfly and it's built up in layers with a superb adventurine tiffany style feathering on the back side.  1.61" marble

$125.00              Signed                          Troeh 2005--------------------------------------------------------

Slam Jammer Preserves #1

Slam Jammer Preserves #2

I call these Pee wees "Slam Jammers"  There are 10 - 5.5 mm - 6.5 mm marbles in these jars with a glass stopper to hold them in.  Marble Jam or Marble Preserves.  I signed the bottles  Troeh 2005               $30.00 ea.